Poultry & Game birds

Hafren Veterinary Group offer professional services to both commercial poultry and game farmers.

One of our vets has his own commercial poultry farm and has been involved in the industry since 2005. We have in excess of 2 million laying hens under our care, we also have a significant number of broilers under our care. We perform our own postmortems, site visits, health plans and investigate on-farm health and production issues.

We have been heavily involved in the game bird industry and have offered game bird veterinary services since 2008, we are proud to look after some of the largest and best game farms within the UK. We have experience in parent flock, hatchery and rearing management, hatchery and rearing management.

We offer site visits, postmortems and laboratory services. We have a full stocked dispensary and are proud to offer prompt and urgent investigation and treatment of all game bird health and welfare issues.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in any of these areas.


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